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RN/RAF Fire Crew Integration.


With the Sea Harriers moving to RAF Wittering and Cottesmore, the Naval Air Command Fire Service is to integrate manpower with the RAF Fire Service.  

A number of billets have changed in the scheme of compliment on both Culdrose and Yeovilton fire stations.  

Currently we have one RAF Sergeant serving as crew chief on each station, and we have a PO(AH) crew chief on each of theirs. It is intended to increase the number of RAF personnel to two Sergeants, one Corporal and an SAC at each fire station by October 2001. 

The equivalent ranked Aircraft Handlers will move to RAF Wittering and Cottesmore .The Fire Station Flight Sergeant at RAF Wittering is to be replaced by a CPO(AH) but at the same time the Culdrose Fire Chief will and be replaced with a Flight Sergeant. 

It is hoped by Oct 2002 that there will be a total of twelve of each service at the relevant stations.



LA(AH) Bob Strutt.



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