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Welcome to the RNAS Yeovilton Fire Station Web Site based in Somerset in the UK. This is an unofficial web site created by CPOA(AH) Pete Cassar who is currently serving as the Fire Chief at the Fire Station.

Please take the time to view as much of the web site as possible and any comments would be gratefully received via the Feedback section. Anything new on the site will be posted on the News Pages.

Due to the exceptional quality of some of the images on this web site I have created thumbnails for them all. Please just select the pictures for a exploded view.

All photographs reproduced with the kind permission of the Photographic Section RNAS Yeovilton. Crew photographs taken by CPOA(AH) Pete Cassar.

Our Mission

To provide the Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton with a highly efficient and effective fire service, able to meet any demands placed upon it in order to protect life and property from fire in order to assist with maintaining the operational capability of the establishment. 

 RNAS Yeovilton Mission Statement

Develop as the center of excellence for aviation aspects of the Maritime Contribution to Joint operations for DD/FF Flights, battlefield Helicopters and Sea Harriers until 2003, providing appropriate, efficient and effective levels of aviation and base support services to enable hosted units to maintain readiness and conduct tasking.

Contact Information

01935 455617
01935 455616
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The Fire Station, RNAS Yeovilton, Somerset, BA22 8HT
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