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The Merseyside Fire Strike Operation 'FRESCO'


On the 11th July 2001 some 25 members of the Fire Station where sent to Operation Fresco in Liverpool. Operation Fresco was the code word for dealing with a Merseyside Firemen strike that was to take place from 0900 on the Friday 13th July 2001.

The Royal Navy and Royal Air Force fire fighters where sent to Liverpool to act as Fast Response Teams strategically placed around the Merseyside Region to cope with all the 999 calls that came for the striking Merseyside Firemen.

Some 25 Green Goddess where also used in the region manned by Tri-service crews from all specializations. They where led by Station Officers from the Defence Fire Service.

The strike ended some ten days later with no deaths due to fire in that time. This was a testament to the bravery and hard work involved by all who took part in Operation Fresco.


Read the Op Fresco diary by PO(AH) Pete Cassar.



FRT Birkenhead.jpg (18150 bytes)        FRT & GG Crew Birkenhead.jpg (22232 bytes)

Chetwyn TA Barracks Birkenhead 406F FRT (Fast Response Team) and the Green Goddess Crews headed by Station Officer Mike Franklin DFS

FRT Crew as Follows left to right:

AEM 'Oscar' Lloyd, NA(AH) 'Scouse' Lowe, PO(AH) Pete Cassar, NA(AH) Mark Mawdsley, NA(AH) 'Bungy' Edwards, LA(AH) Anonymous.

Photo's supplied by STN/O Mike Franklin.



FRT Liverpool.jpg (15079 bytes)        FRT Liverpool Crew.jpg (16219 bytes)

HMS Eaglet 406B FRT (Fast Response Team)

Crew as Follows left to right:

LA(AH) 'Ginge' Pemberton, AEM 'Sharky' Ward, LA(AH) Billy Cotton, NA(AH) Martin Elliot, NA(AH) 'Roby' Robinson, Sgt Bernie Carter.

Photo's supplied by NA(AH) Martin Elliot.



Bob Allen's FRT crew.jpg (41562 bytes)        

Aigburth Road 409 FRT (Fast Response Team)

Crew as Follows left to right:

PO(AH) Bob Allen, LA(AH) Bob Strutt, NA(AH) Steve Oldfield, AEM Anonymous, NA(AH) 'Scotty' Smithson, LA(AH 'Mac' Mc Kenzie, STN/O Anonymous DFS.


  coiled springs.jpg (24906 bytes)        FRT at speed.jpg (20768 bytes)        Green Godess.jpg (26387 bytes)      


Photo's produced and supplied by PO(AH) Bob Allen.




The Second Sea Lord has asked me to pass on his congratulations to those personnel involved in Op FRESCO. Despite considerable personal inconvenience and poor accommodation the Royal Navy’s performance was excellent and drew praise from the Joint Force Commander and the local authorities in Merseyside. During Op FRESCO there were 4 times as many incidents as usual and the effective and aggressive action of those in the Fire Rescue Teams ensured that no life was lost and damage to property was minimised. BZ to everyone involved in Op FRESCO.




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