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FA2 Sea Harrier crashes on landing and slides into the River Yeo.






By Petty Officer Bob Allen


All started that day in the same old usual way, Turn to and start Daily Inspections. D crew were a relatively new team but all had settled down and were working well together. It was Corporal Taff Whitings first day on the crew and we were all expecting his transission from RAF to NAVAL life to be steady one (WRONG). 

As I walked into the store at 1040 to grab my first coffee of the day, the broadcast was made “STATE ONE, STATE ONE A HARRIER OF 899 SQUADRON HAS CRASHED ON THE AIRFIELD AT GRID REFERENCE H10 / G10, A PILOT HAS BEEN SEEN TO EJECT” I made my way into the garage and as Crash One was quickly being manned, I took a quick look onto the airfield for any signs of smoke. In the distance I saw a lone Pilot falling to earth in his parachute. I climbed into Crash One and we set off. Crashed Two with LA Bruce in charge had just set off on Airfield rounds and was now heading towards the scene.

Crash Two arrived at the threshold of Runway 04 where they soon got to work tending to the Pilot. Crash One continued along the runway looking for the aircraft. At the perimeter fence there was a break where the Harrier had hurtled through. I directed the driver to drive on towards the river Yeo. The ground was wet but firm and the Vehicle had no problem with the terrain. On arrival at the aircrafts final resting place Crash One, quickly followed by Crash Two deployed at the scene. I passed a message to Ground “CRASH COMBINE CLOSED UP H10, THERE IS NO FIRE, THE AIRCRAFT IS UNDER WATER”. Within minutes the incident Commander (Lt Jack Crascall) was at the scene, so I passed over to him that the Pilot was safe and with the Medics, No wreckage had been touched and I was ready to return to Airfield duties, it was now 1100.

Within 20 minutes of the initial broadcast Crash One and Two were back on the airfield. The new crew at the start of the day were now Veterans and I managed to finish my cup of coffee.


The Crew were:


CRASH ONE: POA (AH) Bob Allen, Cpl Taff Whiting, NA Jim Kennett and  NA Shaun Lowe.


 CRASH TWO: LA Bruce Don, NA Alex Pritchard, NA Colin Pointer.







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