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Crew photographs taken by POA(AH) Bob Allen at the Royal Naval School of Flight Deck Operations (RNSFDO)  RNAS Culdrose. 

To remain current all Naval Air Command Fire Crews return to the RNSFDO to  receive Practical Fire Fighting training which covers all forms of fire training ranging from Aircraft Crash to Domestic incidents.

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POA(AH) Bob Allen            The 'Hot House'            Glass Removal                Laminated Windscreen

 rtc11.jpg (52759 bytes)    rtc13.jpg (60907 bytes)    rtc16.jpg (47196 bytes)    rtc21.jpg (50578 bytes)

Using the Saw                    Finally out                        Clan Lukas                    Combination Tool

rtc23.jpg (64697 bytes)    rtc24.jpg (36284 bytes)    rtc27.jpg (44263 bytes)    rtc28.jpg (26983 bytes)

Roof Off                            Steering Wheel                Making a gap                    Utilising the gap

rtc29.jpg (39652 bytes)    rtc30.jpg (54664 bytes)    rtc31.jpg (61973 bytes)    rtc33.jpg (46293 bytes)

Door Off                            Making the cut                Dashboard Push            Dash Push Complete



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